Yvan Huneault Communications.

Best to be heard.

Media skills
The means of mass communication evolve. The characteristics of a good communicator remain constant.

Public relations
A reputation hard-won is poorly served by improvisation. Best practices and expert guidance win the day.

Crisis communications
Doubt and delay bring damage and decay. Time is of the essence and experience brings expedience.

Content creation and delivery
Journalism, writing, editing, translation, marketing, web, multimedia, voice, on camera, scripting, producing, directing.

Interview simulations and analysis at the hands of an experienced trainer accomplish more in one hour than does a cookie-cutter seminar in one day. Make the best of your abilities while you make the best of your budget.

Expert guidance helps you to formulate ideas and to better trust your instincts and your talents. Comfort comes with the knowledge that support is available when you need it.

One voice unwavering. One message that is clear, concise and targeted.

Consumer products and services, law enforcement, utilities, government, aerospace, common carriers, information technology, automotive, culture and entertainment, retailing, energy, legal counsel, real estate, engineering, agriculture, health care, elder care, financial services, insurance, banking, professional associations, manufacturing, non-profits.

Sample client list and references for your area of interest may be provided upon request. All inquiries and work engagements are confidential.

Experienced teleworker – 7/24/365

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